If you’re an iPhone user, the name of your favorite smartphone probably sounds like an oxymoron for you – and it is. Many people have accused the iPhone of feeling like a scaled-up Android phone. And indeed, there’s no denying that the iPhone has a few rough edges to it compared to Android phones, but is that the only reason Android phones feel so bad? The truth is that it’s probably a lot simpler than that.

Perhaps the most apparent difference between Samsung and iPhones in the smartphone space is simply the cost. While Apple fans will debate this, you might think at first blush that iPhones are indeed too expensive, especially if you are not familiar with the rich ecosystem of the Apple app store already. But then again, you could also consider that in five years, the Android ecosystem will be even more bloated than it currently is, which could very well mean that an iPhone today is a far cry from what it used to be.

So really, what makes iPhones so much more expensive than their less expensive competitors? It seems that the higher cost lies mainly in the “iPod” component. iPhones have always been known for being highly susceptible to damage and having to be repaired, something that most consumers would rather not have to deal with when buying an iPhone. Furthermore, iPhones have always been known for their high-end camera experience, something that many consumers can benefit significantly from, especially if they have a decent camera for the phone. On the other hand, with the rising competition in the smartphone space, it is becoming more evident that not many manufacturers are left who offer anything close to an iPhone’s Camera Experience.

Another big reason the iPhone is said to be more expensive than the competition is that it offers users more features and functions than any other smartphone on the market today. iPhones have access to thousands of apps that can be used on mobile devices and can run games and view media content through the iTunes store, among other features. These apps make iPhones much more versatile than an android or Windows smartphone. While android phones are popular because they offer unique features, many people are still deciding to stick with their Apple hardware because they provide more flexibility and user-friendliness. The fact that it is capable of running both paid and free apps makes it even more appealing.

However, the one feature that is most believed to be why the Apple iPhone is said to be more expensive than the competition is the possibility of purchasing an unreleased iPhone by Apple itself. Apple is notorious for being somewhat tight-lipped about their products, and the unreleased iPhone is no different. However, reports have suggested that an unreleased iPhone may be the next big thing for Apple and is possibly already in development. If this is true, it is possible that the next big gadget that Apple releases will be the iPhone 6. The rumors have suggested that the phone will have an even bigger screen that will offer all the features of the current iPhones and allow users to download apps straight to their cell phones.

Although it’s not a sure bet that the next big Apple release will be the next iPhone, it is clear that Apple is working hard to create better products, especially when it comes to the product line that it has released so far. As we’ve seen with previous releases, it seems that the company is always looking to improve on its products, and it appears that the next step will be an enhanced version of the current iPhone. The rumors have suggested that the next release will offer a larger screen, better battery life, and a better design that appeals to a more sophisticated consumer. With Apple’s reputation for being tight-lipped about its products, it is difficult to tell if it will succeed or fail.

Another rumor circulating is that the next Apple release may not be the iPhone but instead be the “iReader” device that the Korean company is reportedly working on. This would mark a considerable improvement over the current crop of iPods, as the current product range doesn’t allow for the use of any electronic media, only the standard music player. The reader will enable you to read books and newspapers without taking the product out of your pocket. Rumors have also indicated that the device may be used as a replacement for the Kindle, which will allow consumers to purchase books and newspapers wherever they are. While it isn’t clear how many copies can be carried around in one book, it is clear that Apple is moving in the right direction with its devices, and it looks like they will keep moving forward.

Regardless of whether you choose the latest Apple device or wait for the Samsung Galaxy S4, it’s clear that the corporation is making efforts to make itself a market leader in the smartphone realm. Rumors suggest that the company may release an I handset next year, followed by a pair of MacBook Air tablets. No matter what the new products turn out to be, it’s expected that there will be quite a bit of competition between devices from Apple, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, and others. With so many rumors flying around right now, it is impossible to get a clear picture of what the following big gadgets from Apple will look like. However, one thing is for sure, as technology continues to advance, we will no doubt learn just what the company has in store for us in the next few years.

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